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MIART 2020

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10. - 13. September 2020
VIP Preview, Donnerstag 10. September
Booth C 12
MIART 2020
Viale Lodovico Scarampo
IT-20149 Milano MI

GALERIE KARSTEN GREVE AG is pleased to announce its first participation in the 25th edition of MIART.
Our presentation at this year’s issue of MIART is made up of highlights of the gallery’s illustrious program, centering around a core of truly exceptional artists of the international post-1945 avant-garde. The American avant-garde artist JOHN CHAMBERLAIN is among the arstists who became the heart of the gallery.
Since the beginning of the 1960s, John Chamberlain creates sculptures by using mostly colourful painted automobile metal. His works range from small-scale and fragile objects to huge sculptures of great presence. In 1977 he begins to experiment with photography.One of the booth highlights GALERIE KARSTEN GREVE presents this year is CHAMBERLAIN’s photography ….
John Chamberlain is working with a wide-lux-camera catching an extreme wide angle of 150 to 360 degrees. The camera, originally developed for 19th-century rural and urban documentation, is equipped with a flexible objective. A broad, oblong format piece of film is exposed gradually. During the exposure, Chamberlain moves and turns the camera without even looking through the viewfinder. He takes the photos in streets and public places, in restaurants or in his studio and at home and develops them in his studio. Since he moves the camera whilst taking pictures, the images seem to show spaces in motion and the spectator looses his realistic orientation. The motifs dissolve into weightless forms, waving colours and lights. In this way, Chamberlain composes fantastic and unexpected visions, in which volumes and structures of the material world almost disappear. This ‘bending of the space’ constitutes a significant parallel to the formal principles of his sculptural œuvre. Chamberlain’s work does not follow a strict plan. His sculptures and photographs are the result of self-controlled and instinctive improvisation.

John Chamberlain (1927 - 2011) one of America’s most important and dynamic sculptors. His artistic activity is accompanied for more than fifty years by numerous important exhibitions: In 1961 he takes part in the São Paolo Biennale and 1964 he is represented at the Venice Biennale. Several retrospectives follow, especially significant are those at the Guggenheim Museum in New York (1976) and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (1986) followed by important exhibitions at the Kunsthalle, Baden-Baden (1991), at the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (1996) and in 2012 the Guggenheim Museum in New York showed a comprehensive retrospective.

Galerie Karsten Greve in Paris is currently presenting a great selection of iconic works created from the mid-1960s to the early 90s. These multifaceted creations appear to converse with one another through the various media that the artist chose and experimented with on an on-going basis: there are sculptures, which brought him great fame in the early 1960s, but also collage, monotyping, and photography.

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