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Catherine Lee


Catherine Lee © Lori Lynn

Past and present, rigour and creativity are inimitably combined in the artistic work of Catherine Lee, who was born in 1950 in Texas. Her works, which can be situated on the border between abstraction and representation, appeal equally to our senses and to our imagination. Initially her work consisted of the classical genres drawing and sculpture, but in exploring different techniques and combining various genres she developed an extraordinary artistic language which stands out due to its severe and monumental aura. In addition to her free-standing sculptures, her wall objects exemplify this fusion of genres. Here, the categories of relief, sculpture, and painting merge into a harmonious synthesis.
Catherine Lee often chooses forms that trigger off manifold associations. Sometimes they resemble pottery and archaic tools, or they remind us of erratic blocks from antiquity, impressing us with their enormous physical presence. Balance between different elements is a crucial point in Catherine Lee's work and contributes fundamentally to the distinctiveness of her art. She intentionally interlocks forms, thereby creating extremely moving but nonetheless well-adjusted compositions, like her multipart ceramics which consist of thoughtfully composed elements. Catherine Lee prefers to work in materials that can be transformed from a liquid into a solid state. "Mutability is what interests me. I have difficulties with wood because it begins as one thing and remains as one thing", the artist says.
Catherine Lee lives and works in Texas. Her works are represented in leading collections, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, the Museum of Modern Art, New York, and Tate Gallery, London.

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