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Louis Soutter

Galerie Karsten Greve AG St. Moritz

August 26 - September 30, 2011
Simple, silhouette-like human figures are portrayed in sparing use of color, often in black Indian ink. They appear almost obsessive and archaic in their abstract representation. Louis Soutter’s paintings, in those years, reveal a high degree of seriousness and tragic, closely related to the Christian context. The crucifixion as a basic motif recurred again and again. He showed human suffering and profound pain in a particularly forceful way - especially since his personal life was extraordinary burdened and despairing.
Louis Soutter, experienced a very special technique: He applied the color directly with his finger on the surface after having painted and drawn for more than 15 years with ink feather. He makes especially use of Indian ink, gouache, seldom oil, on paper. The direct application of color emphasizes the highly expressive impact of his works. Besides, the painting have not been painted at an easel, but chiefly on the floor. In younger history of art drawing and painting with fingers was relatively uncommon. Liberated of any traditional boundaries Soutter’s peintures au doigt mark a very individual position in 20th-century-art with great influence on following generations of artists.
The works shown have been created during the last five years of Louis Soutter’s life who has been born in Morges, Switzerland, in 1871.

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