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John Chamberlain

John Chamberlain, Gondola Charles Olson, 1982, bemalter und chromierter Stahl
John Chamberlain, Gondola Charles Olson, 1982, bemalter und chromierter Stahl

Chamberlain in Paris
John Chamberlain Solo Show
18. January – 18. April 2020
Exposition extended until 9. May 2020

Vernissage saturday, 18. January  2020 from 6 - 8pm
The exhibition features a selection of pieces created from the mid-1960s to the early 90s: sculptures, which brought him great fame in the early 1960s, but also collage, monotyping, and photography.
An avant-garde artist, Chamberlain said that it was thanks to poets like Robert Creeley, Robert Duncan - and especially his teacher Charles Olson at Black Mountain College - that he learned to "see words", to manoeuvre and extract them and then to reassemble them into a sort of collage. He approached sculpting according to the same associative principles, juxtaposing heteroclite fragments of objects. He used old abandoned car carcasses; plentiful indeed in the 1950s backcountry backyards of the USA and collected from it scrap metal that he would interlock, crumple up, undo, fold and straighten until he reached a sculptural piece. This sort of expressiveness should be considered in the context of what artists were experiencing during the post-war era in the United States - meaning the intense relationship between the materials and how they were being transformed was key. By compression or extension, movement is omnipresent in his sculptures as well as in his photographic approach.
Thanks to the Widelux panoramic camera he started using in 1977, shape and light could be extended within space and time. In his photographs, as well as in his collages and monotypes, Chamberlain took liberties with pictorial expression, paying no attention to the principles of gravity and verticality.
Therefore, he applied the same premise to any medium: « start by observing shape and see what comes of it ».

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