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in collaboration with Caroline Smulders

September 10 -13, 2020
VIP Preview, Wednesday, September 11 am - 8 pm
Public Access, Thursday, September 10 -13, 12 am  - 8 pm
Grand Palais, Booth C11
Solo Show: Roger Ballen
On the occasion of Art Paris Art Fair, Caroline Smulders and the Galerie Karsten Greve have teamed up to present a unique and never-before-seen solo show of the work of American photographer Roger Ballen, one of the most innovative of his generation.
The project, specially developed by the artist, will reveal to Art Paris 2020’s public all the extent of his Ballenesque universe, between installation, drawings and photographs. The artist's personal exhibition at the Grand Palais echoes the major exhibition of the year, "The world according to Roger Ballen", at the Halle Saint-Pierre, Paris.
Dedicated to black and white photography which he masters to perfection, Roger Ballen puts his device at the service of the psyche: Archetypes rise to the surface and occupy the image. Both mysterious and explicit, Roger Ballen's works are intended to be epiphanies, revealing moments that allow visitors to grasp what remains unexplainable.
Roger Ballen's artistic style, commonly referred to as Ballenesque, is widely accepted as one of the most influential forms of expression in contemporary photography.


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