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Fausto Melotti


Fausto Melotti was a pioneer of geometric abstraction in Italy. His reputation as an artist is based on the geometrical, abstracted and simultaneously figurative-lyrical creations that can be traced back to the two formative disciplines of his work: music and the art of engineering. Melotti left behind an expansive work of Italian modernism consisting of drawings and ceramics, as well as his playful and poetical teatrini, which, through their distinctive style, fuse with his imaginative wire sculptures to form a surprisingly coherent oeuvre. In constant search for new materials and creative possibilities. Melotti´s work is invested with a singular motivation.
Similar to his contemporary and long-time friend Lucio Fontana, Melotti sought to represent the essence of things, disregarding everything irrelevant. His work demonstrates this struggle for simplicity in expression through the careful choice and consequent treatment of his materials. Uninfluenced by external trends, Melotti concentrated on questions that deal with juxtapositions such as figuration and abstraction, imagination and ratio, poetry and reality, lightness and melancholia.
Fausto Melotti was born in 1901 in Rovereto near Trent. His work first began to receive widespread attention relatively late in Melotti’s life, at the end of the 1960s. Since then the artist has been honoured in numerous solo and group exhibitions, in Italy and increasingly worldwide. Fausto Melotti died in 1986 in Milan.

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