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Gideon Rubin

A Stranger's Hand
Galerie Karsten Greve Paris 2020
Text: Sacha Craddock
68 p., Softcover, Edition: 1500
English, German, French
ISBN: 987-3-940824-76-9
€ 40,-


Gideon Rubin

Gideon Rubin
Galerie Karsten Greve St. Moritz/Paris/Köln
Texts: Gabriel Coxhead, Martin Herbert, Aya Lurie, Sarah Suzuki
208pp., Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-908970-20-6
€ 45,-

Gideon Rubin

Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris 2010
Text: Gabriel Coxhead
64 pp., 40 plates
Hardcover, edition: 1500
English and French
ISBN: 978-3-940824-44-8
€ 40,-

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