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Luise Unger, 2014 © Alistair Overbruck

In the execution of her sculptural works, the German artist Luise Unger immerses herself in a creative process that allows both architectonic and anthropomorphic forms to emerge, as well as intangible silhouettes that give the illusion of black shadows. Whether suspended or placed on plinths, the sculptural objects she creates allow the viewer to discover the hollow interior spaces. Several transparent layers of metal wire outline out the transition from interior to exterior, while the forms themselves give an impression of a protective skin that reveals further shapes. The metallic mesh gives her sculptures a transparency, piercing through the exterior plane and making the interior of the pieces visible. But that which one discovers is yet another surface – that which is hidden is made visible, that which is perceived becomes illusion. In this way, Luise Unger plays with the intersections between different states and weaves seemingly weightless forms into one another.
Luise Unger was born in 1956 in Bad Saulgau, Swabia and studied sculpture at the Düsseldorf Academy from 1981 to 1989. Her works are regularly exhibited in galleries and museums: the artist participated in the annual exhibition Große Kunstausstellung NRW in the Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf from 1999-2004. Luise Unger lives and works in Cologne.

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