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© Lynn Davis, New York

Rooted in the 19th century tradition of travel photography, Lynn Davis' photographs reach far beyond the concept of the "cultured traveller". The artist is not fascinated by exoticism as her predecessors were; her investigations invite the beholder foremost to undertake his or her own spiritual pilgrimage. Driven by a constant aesthetic purpose, Lynn Davis proceeds by creating series and adopts large square formats, usually in black and white. Her straightforward shots and often head-on framing may call to mind the neutrality of an inventorial kind of photography or, conversely, magnify the geometry and monumentality of landscapes and architectures. Thus the eye focuses on the sites themselves, deserted as they are, while the photographer effaces herself from the image.
Lynn Davis was born in 1944 in Minneapolis. Her photographs have been exhibited internationally and collected widely and appear in major collections such as the Museum of Modern Art, New York, the L.A. County Museum, Los Angeles, the J. Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art or the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. The artist lives and works in New York.

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