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James Brown

James Brown, Mystery of My Other House, 2014 Oil, pencil, collage and industrial paint on linen, 138 x 262 in, Collection of the artist, USC Fisher Museum

Life and Work in Mexico
September 19 – December 2, 2017
USC Fisher Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA
This exhibition will also feature his “My Other House” series, begun in 2009 and worked on continuously since then. The idea for this project came to Brown after his two sons, while living “in a forgotten house in the wildness of Mexico, somewhere outside of Oaxaca” discovered a staircase leading to an “almost secret” mezzanine. Nobody else was allowed access to this place, a sanctuary that the boys called “my other house”. “My Other House” is a metaphor for that imaginative space essential to living a creative life. Works from this series, along with Carpe Diem Press books will be installed in the four main galleries at the USC Fisher Museum of Art. More Information

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