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Manish Nai

Manish Nai, Untitled, 2017.

May 16, 2017

The Foundation presents a solo show by the Indian artist, whose works concentrate on the use, quality and combination of various materials, and the substances they create joined within the final piece. By using jute, burlap, newspapers, old clothes, or cardboard, he creates abstract dimensions of simple, unitary forms through the physical manipulation of matter. His works show that the artistic process is intimately and visibly part of the end result, and that the beauty of the tactile, whether deployed pictorially or sculpturally, returns to only the medium itself.
Playing with various materials and forms, one can identify the dialogue Nai’s minimalist works are encountering with certain emblematic examples of late Western Modernist art. His works aim at opening up new ways of negotiating certain artistic paradigms that are part of the legacy of late-modernist abstraction.
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