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© Shen Fan, Shanghai

The artistic production of Shen Fan consists primarily of two-dimensional abstract painting. His work can be regarded as fragmentary records of daily meditation: he repeats the same patterns and forms in order to remove any traces of individualism and eliminate the desire for artistic self-expression, aiming for transcendent spirituality. His images consist of monochromatic, mostly primary colours. The result is an ambiguous space in which shapes resembling geometric diagrams are then filled out (in?) with beautifully simple repeating ornamental figures. He emphasises the pure, clear expressive methodology of the production process and its serialisation. Shen Fan creates a self-referential, or perhaps 'pure' world that follows a distinct internal logic.
Shen Fan was born in 1952 in Jiangyin / Jiangsu, China. He is one of China’s leading abstract artists and his works are exhibited at internationally-renowned institutions. Shen Fan lives and works in Shanghai and is presently a professor at the Shanghai Huashan Fine Arts School.

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