Leiko Ikemura au Georg Kolbe Museum

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Leiko Ikemura - Witty Witches

21 janvier - 01 mai 2023

Vernissage le vendredi 20 janvier 2023 à partir de 18h.

Georg Kolbe Museum
Berlin, Allemagne

With the exhibition Leiko Ikemura. Witty Witches, the Georg Kolbe Museum presents the work of Berlin-based artist Leiko Ikemura. Ikemura’s work encompasses the genres of drawing, painting, sculpture and photography, without any hierarchical boundaries between the disciplines. Rather, the various mediums complement one and other, negotiate related themes, and engage with recurring motifs.

The exhibition title, Witty Witches, refers in a subversive and humorous way to the attractive and at the same time deterrent power inherent in the creatures created by Ikemura which populate the museum.

The exhibition in Georg Kolbe’s former studio is devoted primarily to Ikemura’s three-dimensional work from the 1990s to the present day and features over 30 sculptures as well as selected paintings and drawings. In addition, there are numerous works created only in the last year. Thus, the exhibition allows a concentrated view of the outstanding formal language of the artist. Her works in ceramics, bronze, and glass attest to her vital engagement with the traditional genre of sculpture and its materiality.

Born in Japan, the artist has lived in Europe since the 1980s, initially in Spain and Switzerland, before settling in Berlin. She knows how to amalgamate perspectives of the global East and West in her work, creating a powerful visual language that both seems familiar to her viewers and is capable of irritating them.



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